PCUT BioPartners builds product development teams from its network of experienced contractors. We will only acquire an asset once we have a highly qualified team in place to develop the drug through proof of concept in the target disease.

Our platform reduces front-end risk by compensating product team members mostly with ownership in the venture, so this opportunity is not appropriate for everyone. Expenses are covered, and a modest stipend can be made available depending on project funding and the ownership preferences of the individual team member.

Interested in partnering with us? Please join our confidential network of product developers by using the webform on this page. The deeper our talent pool, the more programs we can move forward!

Thank you! PCUT BioPartners.

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Sample Cost Partnership


  • 1% Prospect Sourcing from Non Profit Organizations

  • 24% Product Development Team and Contract Research

  • 25% Contract Manufacturing

  • 50% PCUT BioPartners, Inc.

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