Our Philosophy

What drug will be the first to show clinical efficacy in ALS? What existing drugs might be helpful in treating Alzheimer’s disease but haven’t been examined yet? Are we testing everything we can?

At PCUT BioPartners we know the perspective of patients who seek new treatment options as they fight for their lives. We were founded by patient advocates who have fought for loved ones.

But the differentiating success factor in drug development isn’t a company’s compassion. In diseases with unmet medical need, getting potentially effective drugs to patients requires the combination of good technology, the right product development team for that technology and target disease, and — for many drugs that are stalled for non-health related reasons — an innovative approach to financial risk.

With our cost-partnership structure we can get a drug through clinical proof of concept for a fraction of the cost required by an ordinary biotech company. This enables the development of some drugs that now sit dormant and will allow clinical examination of a broader scope of existing candidates. That means a quicker pace to finding effective treatment. And that, more than care alone, is what helps patients.

Sample Cost Partnership


  • 1% Prospect Sourcing from Non Profit Organizations

  • 24% Product Development Team and Contract Research

  • 25% Contract Manufacturing

  • 50% PCUT BioPartners, Inc.

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